Outsourced Payroll and Time Tracking Services

Pamiris is an online information management system that seamlessly integrates payroll processing with multiple time tracking options and HR management tools. We offer the best solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes because everything is customized to fit the needs of each organization.

With the Pamiris system you can access your information and perform payroll, HR, and time tracking functions on:

When selecting outsourced payroll services in Portland, OR, Spokane, WA or anywhere in the USA, Pamiris should be at the top of your list. Our team is focused on cost-savings and process improvement for our clients. Many report they save $500 or more per employee per year by implementing Pamiris in their organization. These savings figures are driven by dramatically reduced time in processing payroll, timecard error reduction when using our time tracking system, and elimination of fees and penalties. Specifically, Pamiris guarantees that your business will not incur any state or federal fines relating to payroll filings as long as your company submits each payroll on-time and accurately. Learn more about how our outsourced payroll services can save your organization valuable time and money today.