Human Resources Software

Our HR management system allows you to track multiple job titles per employee and access each individual’s job history. You can keep track of W-4s, contact information, wages, and positions all in one place.

Making changes to employee information is a quick and simple task using our online system.  When an employee’s address, name, position, or other personal information needs to be updated, just log in to our comprehensive HR management system to make these necessary changes. Our database will securely store the new information, applying the change wherever necessary, including in your payroll. You will never have to worry about entering the same data more than once.

Rest easy, knowing that each employee’s history and personal details are completely secure. Your data is stored on our Unix-based servers, immune to viruses and ad-ware that can often affect other systems. Our state-of-the-art security ensures that your information cannot be stolen by an outside source.