Pamiris Offsite and Holiday Party

Sue, Keith, Daniel and Laura at the Pamiris team meeting
From L to R: Sue Agee, Keith Grant, Daniel Weisenburg and Laura Slaby, Pamiris’ new administrative assistant, sitting around the table for a team meeting.

Sue and Mark finishing last minute business
Sue and Mark Agee finish some last minute business before the client appreciation holiday party starts.

Holiday party table setup

Alyssa's beautiful decorating

Pamiris Cupcakes
Delicious cupcakes from Saint Cupcake down the street. Laura even ordered them sprinkled in Pamiris’ signature colors: blue and brown.

Daniel and Sarah wait for the party to start
The food (catered by Lucy’s Table) is ready and the office is beautifully decorated. Daniel Weisenburg and Sarah Eadie, Pamiris’ new social media marketing assistant and development intern, wait for the party to begin.

Jared, Alyssa, Daniel chat
Jared Birt (far left), the creative talent behind our first client appreciation video starring Coffeehouse NW and Sterling Coffee stopped by to watch the video premier.

Holiday shopping
Next evening, the Pamiris team went shopping for our adopted family (see My Father’s House family shelter webpage for details). From L to R: Daniel’s wife Adina Weisenburg and daughter, Mark, Laura, and Sue.

Pamiris tote
Checking out goodies for the family in our new Pamiris totes- not another plastic bag!

Delicious soups made by the Agees
Alyssa had delicious soup ready for the team when they returned from shopping

Clark from Second Stories and Pamiris families
Clark Blakeman from Second Stories and his wife Cathy - Pamiris’ previous payroll expert - stopped by to celebrate a great year with the Pamiris team.

Company Tree Shot
Happy holidays from Pamiris! We wish you a happy, healthy, and successful 2011!

Chief at the tree