Pamiris Successfully Hosted First Seminar

Pamiris partnered with Mike Bissell from CBK Lawyers in Spokane WA for our first Down to Business (D2B) Seminar on May 13th. We had a small gathering of individuals and all-in-all, it was a great first time. The Inland Northwest AGC graciously offered us the use of their space for the workshop.

The seminar is a one hour plunge into the basics of contracting and 1099s will provide you with valuable answers and resources for businesses who hire contractors/free-lancers/and project-based positions.

Topics that were covered included:

  * Is a contract the right kind of relationship? (form SS-8)
  * The W-9 form and Tax id verification
  * Backup withholding (fed/state, depositing and filing [form 945])
  * Essential elements of a contract
  * Year end (forms 1099/1096) filing

We plan to host another 1099/Contract seminar in Spokane specifically for construction companies. If you’re interested, email us!