Pamiris TimeKeeper comes to the Iphone and Android

PORTLAND, Ore., July 6, 2010-( mid-June Pamiris released the latest addition to their line of time tracking solutions. Currently they offer an online service called TimeKeeper that is a desktop application for any web-enabled workstations.

This latest release makes TimeKeeper available for mobile web-enabled devices that support HTML5. This means that iPhones and Android-based smart phones can double as a time-clock for staff in the field—including geo-location of punches, multiple-position tracking, and job costing.

Supervisors can then review the punches for accuracy, make any adjustments, and view the locations on Google maps.

This feature makes time tracking a breeze for any on-the-go positions and eliminates paper time sheets entirely…one more step in the right direction for environmentally-minded organizations.

About Pamiris
Pamiris is an information technology and management firm currently providing an online system that seamlessly integrates payroll processing with multiple time tracking options and HR management tools. The company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) model provides highly customizable solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.