Spokane Seminar on 1099s and Compliance



Make sure you’re not risking your own business when you hire 1099 contractors

Join us for a seminar on the best practices behind 1099s and contracts.

This one hour plunge into the basics of contracting and 1099s will provide you with valuable answers and resources for businesses who hire contractors/free-lancers/and project-based positions.

Topics that will be covered include:

* Is a contract the right kind of relationship? (form SS-8)

* The W-9 form and Tax id verification

* Backup withholding (fed/state, depositing and filing [form 945])

* Essential elements of a contract

* Year end (forms 1099/1096) filing


If you are a business owner, HR manager or Payroll Administrator then this seminar will provide you with all the information you need on 1099s to ensure that your business is compliant and not liable for backup withholdings.

Bring any questions you may have as we will open the floor for discussion at the end.


Pamiris, Inc. does not provide legal or accounting advice. We are business service professionals who specialize in payroll, HRIS, and Time Tracking needs. We bring years of field experience to the table and are well-versed in up-to-date state and federal regulations.

Seminar Specifics

When: Thursday, May 13 2010

Where:Inland Northwest AGC, 4935 E. Trent Ave.

Cost: $35



9am:    Welcome and Continental Breakfast

9:15am:  Seminar

10:15am: Question and Answer Session


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