Our Values

If we were ever forced to choose, relationship would be the one thing Pamiris values above all others. We would not be who we are today without the input of our clients. It’s impossible to provide meaningful resolutions to problems if you don’t really know what is going on. In order to serve another person there has to be an authentic and ongoing relationship. That’s why we consider selling our service as the beginning—not the end—of our relationship with clients. Relationship doesn’t happen successfully without accountability and responsibility. We are quick to own up when we make mistakes.

Information is only valuable when it’s accessible and applicable. Less is more, which is why we value simplicity so highly. There are no unnecessary frills in the design of the system because getting lost among all the bells and whistles creates confusion and not efficiency and productivity. This makes customization a key element of our business model. Every one approaches information differently and our system is built to be specific, targeted, and meaningful.  Elegance marries function—that’s simplicity to us.

The clarity and ease that simplicity offers naturally leads to empowerment. The Pamiris platform provides resources and systems that mitigate the frustration of tedious tasks such as HR management and payroll. Businesses are powered by passionate ideas, creative minds, and innovation. We provide the backstage support, ensuring that the creative, passionate and innovative can be showcased. We equate empowerment with freedom.

The wisest people on earth are those that never stop learning and growing. The heart of Pamiris will never change but we recognize that the face of the company will grow and mature. We are open to that change. There may be a better way to do something and we want to discover it. Lifelong learning takes place in a variety of forms. We learn from our clients. We learn from those who have been in business longer than us. We study, read, digest, discuss, and debate. We will forever be discovering and refining not only our services but the company as a whole as we learn how to more fully embrace our core values.