Alyssa Agee, COO

Alyssa earned her Masters’ degree in English literature at Portland State University and has business experience in media and marketing. She assumed the role of Administrative CEO in April 2010 and immediately focused on refining goals for the company and establishing leaner operational practices.  Alyssa’s organizational skills, knowledge of the business and communication gifts make her uniquely suited to lead the company in this season. During this time, Pamiris doubled in revenue and client base and began the process that the team fondly refers to as “growing-up”.  It became evident in early 2011 that those very same skills best suited the role of Operations Officer and she transitioned into that position. She currently oversees HR, coordinates with Pamiris’ financial team on banking policies, finances and client payrolls as well as providing client support.

Alyssa is passionate about non-profit endeavors that focus primarily on education, need-based relief,neighborhood development and youth. She devotes a great deal of energy to serving in her community, connecting with friends, and spending quality time with her family. She served for several years on the board of a Portland, Oregon based non-profit Second Stories that she and her husband continue to support from a distance. She and her husband support the efforts of Saint Child, Peak 7, and Imago Dei Community. In January 2012 she welcomed her first-born and has since taken a break from community involvement to focus on caring for her family.

Connect with Alyssa on LinkedIn, Twitter and her blog, Mandarin Duck.