Time Tracking

Our Time Tracking system is easy to use. We provide each employee with a personal barcoded swipe card.  They simply swipe their card to clock in and the information is immediately logged into our system (synchronized with Greenwich Mean Time to ensure absolute security).

When you are ready to run payroll, use our online system to review your employees’ hours and make any necessary changes or modifications (such as missing scans, a forgotten lunch break, etc.). This seamless integration means you only have to log on in one place to view timeclock scans and process payroll. Click Approve and you’re finished. It’s that easy.

For businesses always on the move, our portable timeclocks can go wherever your job site is.  Our system will continue to back up your information immediately so if your location loses power, your data remains stored securely in our system.  You will never again need to stress over lost timecards or hours scratched down in a notebook or scrap of paper.

TimeKeeper is an online tracking tool that eliminates the need to fill out paper time sheets and allows employees to simply clock in from their computer. TimeKeeper Mobile with geo-location utilizes GPS in browser-enabled smartphones to track hours and locations for employees whose positions require travel and work at multiple job sites. With an easy-to-use mobile interface, any phone with an HTML5 browser and internet access can be used as a time tracking solution.